About Atomic Hotel

Astoria's Original 1962 Lamplighter Motel embraces its roots to become the Atomic Motel

In 2016 Robert 'Jake' Jacob, the owner for twenty two years decided to sell the Lamplighter and retire and lead a simpiler life. After a few months of not getting his price he was at a quandry. He then contacted his friend Tod Breslau, the owner of the Jupiter Hotel in Portland. Tod said that he should quit trying to sell his place and change it to a cool and fun motel like his Jupiter. Jake told Tod that he was too old and tired to start over again and create a mid-century, Palm Springs, Jetson fun house. But Jake never listens to himself and against all common sense, at the age of 68, away he went. He has never looked back and has enjoyed every minute of it.

Catching the wave of Astoria, Oregon's ongoing renaissance, the "think Las Vegas/Palm Springs Rat Pack" Atomic Motel has brought an authentic and fun vibe to this small Coastal town, a mecca for hipsters and artists.

Yes, "Madmen" and the "Rat Pack" were influences and the bright lobby colors and furniture now attract smiles from locals and visitors whenever they drive by the Atomic. There is literally nothing like this in Astoria, which is known throughout the world for its pure character and authenticity.

Even the "Pig'N Pancake" next door is iconic and real!

Step back into a time of happy innocence with Frank and Dean (and Atomic Mom & Pop Managers Dan and Barbara!) before you head out for craft brews and vintage martinis in town. We're happy to have you!

Astoria Orgeon - Barge
Fancy a vintage film? Just ask Dean Martin for a Craft Brew and relax in our retro Egg chairs.
Astoria Orgeon - Bridge
Hungry? We always have chips and salsa to munch on, and sometimes even soups and stews.
Atomic Motel - Continental Breakfast
We got your back on a light breakfast... and you will love our local Finnish pastries. The owner grew up enjoying Astoria's Finnish Home Bakery which is a third generation landmark business. It's just one of many unique places to shop.